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Department of Chemistry

Research Highlight

At a Glance – Academic Metrics Profile of Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University

The Division of Research Support of NTU Library has analyzed the academic performance of the Department of Chemistry during 1980-2020 period, and prepared a summary report (Link). The research performance by Department of Chemistry has seen a steady improvement in terms of both quantity and quality. On average, ~250 peer-reviewed research articles are published annually since 2005, with a CNCI (category normalized citation impact) of 1.49 that is far above the world average (Figure 1). Amid the growing trend of interdisciplinary research, the scientific work in Department of Chemistry, NTU has also branched into other areas such as chemical engineering, materials science, biochemistry and molecular biology, and medicine (Figure 2). This report signifies the continuing excellences of Department of Chemistry, NTU in both fundamental chemistry education and chemical research. As NTU approaches its 100-year anniversary, we aspire to build upon this foundation and further strengthen our diverse research programs.