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Wong, Ken-Tsung
Wong, Ken-Tsung

Organic Material Chemistry

Room A620, Chemistry Building

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Research Interests

  • Synthesis and Molecular Design of Organic Materials for Optoelectronic Applications
  • Organic Nano Materials

Honors and Awards

  • Young Chemists Award, The Chinese Chemical Society, 2002
  • Junior Research Investigators Award, Academia Sinica, 2004.
  • Research Achievement Award, National Taiwan University, 2004.
  • Ta-You Wu Memorial Award, National Science Council, 2006.
  • Distinguished Teaching Award, National Taiwan University, 2005.
  • Thompson Scientific Taiwan Citation Laureate, 2006.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sun Chan Memorial Award in Organic Chemistry, 2010.
  • Outstanding Research Award, National Science Council, 2010.


  • B.S., 1989, Fu-Jen University.
  • Ph.D., 1993, National Taiwan University.
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, 1995-1996, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; 1996-1998, Universite Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France.
  • Assistant Professor, 1998-2002; Associate Professor, 2002-2006; Professor, 2006-present, National Taiwan University.

Research Pictures

Wong, Ken-TsungWong, Ken-Tsung

Selected Publication

  1. Chen, Y.-H.; Lin, L.-Y.; Lu, C.-W.; Lin, F.; Huang, Z.-Y.; Lin, H.-W.*; Wang, P.-H.; Liu, Y.-H.; Wong, K.-T.*; Wen, J.; Miller D. J.; Darling, S. B. “Vacuum-Deposited Small-Molecule Organic Solar Cells with High Power Conversion Efficiencies by Judicious Molecular Design and Device Optimization” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2012, 134, 13616–13623.
  2. Chiu, S.-W.; Lin L.-Y.; Lin H.-W.*; Chen, Y.-H.; Huang, Z.-Y.; Lin, Y.-T.; Lin, F.; Liu Y.-H.; Wong, K.-T.* “A Donor-Acceptor-Acceptor Molecule for Vacuum-Processed Organic Solar Cells with a Power Conversion Efficiency of 6.4%” Chem. Commum. 2012, 1857–1859.
  3. Lin, L.-Y.; Chen, Y.-H.; Huang, Z.-Y.; Lin, H.-W.*; Chou, S.-H.; Lin, F.; Chen, C.-W.; Liu, Y.-H.; Wong, K.-T.* “A Low-Energy-Gap Organic Dye for High-Performance Small-Molecule Organic Solar Cells” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133, 15822–15825.
  4. Hung, W.-Y.*; Chi, L.-C.; Chen, W.-J.; Mondal, E.; Chou, S.-H.; Wong, K.-T.*; Chi, Y. “A Carbazole-phenylbenzimidazole Hybrid Bipolar Universal Host for High Efficiency RGB and White PhOLEDs with High Chromatic Stability” J. Mater. Chem. 2011, 21, 19249–19256.
  5. Tseng, K.-P.; Fang, F.-C.; Shyue, J.-J.; Wong, K.-T.*; Raffy, G.; Del Guerzo, A.; Bassani, D. M.* “Spontaneous Generation of Highly Emissive RGB Organic Nanospheres” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011, 50, 7032–7036.
  6. Omer, K. M.; Ku, S.-Y.; Wong, K.-T.*; Bard, A. J.* “Efficient and Stable Blue Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence of Fluorene-Substituted Aromatic Hydrocarbons” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2009, 48, 9300–9303.
  7. Su, H.-C.; Chen, H.-F.; Fang, F.-C.; Liu, C.-C.; Wu, C.-C.; Wong, K.-T.; Liu, Y.-H.; Peng, S.-M. “Solid-State White Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells Using Iridium-Based Cationic Transition Metal Complexes” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2008, 130, 3413–3419.

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