Chen, Hao Ming
Inorganic Chemistry, Energy Materials
Room A422, Chemistry Building
Fax: +886-2-3366-8671
  • In situ/Operando methodology development.
  • (Photo)electrochemistry for artificial photosynthesis.
  • Synthesis and applications of Inorganic materials
  • B.S., 2002, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University.
  • M.S., 2004, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University.
  • Ph.D., 2008, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, 2009-2012, Department of Chemistry and Physics, National Taiwan University.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, 2012-2013, Department of Chemistry, UC Berkeley.
  • Assistant Professor, 2013-2018, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University.
  • Associate Professor, 2018-present, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University.
  • 2018, Young Scholar Innovation Award, Foundation of the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship, Taiwan
  • 2018, Excellent Teaching Award, National Taiwan University
  • 2018, The Academia Sinica Research Award for Junior Research Investigators, Academia Sinica
  • 2018, The Excellent Paper Award, Catalysis Society of Taiwan
  • 2017, Dr. Ta-You Wu Memorial Award, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan
  • 2017, Outstanding Young Chemist Award, Chinese Chemical Society Located in Taipei
  • 2012, Postdoctoral Fellowship, National Science Council
  • 2008, Ph.D. Dissertation Award, Chinese Chemical Society Located in Taipei
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