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Department of Chemistry


CHUNG, Cedric Po-Wen

CHUNG, Cedric Po-Wen
Adjunct Associate Professor
Fax: +886-2-2783-1237
Selected Publications

  1. Bedasso, G. D.; Tzou, D.-L. M.; Chung, P.-W.* Amino Group Functionalized Pitch-Based Carbocatalyst for the Henry Reaction of Furfural. J. Taiwan Inst. Chem. Eng2023, 104801.”

  2. Kumar, R.; Lee, H.-H.; Chen, E.; Du, Y.-P.; Lin, C.-Y.; Prasanseang, W.; Solos, T.; Choojun, K.; Sooknoi, T.; Xie, R.-K.; Lee, J.-F.; Chung, P.-W.* Facile Synthesis of the Atomically Dispersed Hydrotalcite Oxide Supported Copper Catalysts for the Selective Hydrogenation of 5–Hydroxymethylfurfural into 2,5-Bis(Hydroxymethyl)Furan. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2023329, 122547.

  3. Kumar, R.; Li, C.-C.; Wu, C.-H.; Tzeng, T.-W.; Tzou, D.-L. M.; Lin, Y.-C.*; Chung, P.-W.* Silica-Supported Nanoscale Hydrotalcite-Derived Oxides for C4 Chemicals from Ethanol Condensation. ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 20225 (6), 7885–7895.

  4. Hsu, H.-Y.; Ou, J.-T.; Cheng, T.-T.; Lin, H.-Y.; Lin, C.-Y.; Chen, J.; Sun, B.; Chung, P.-W.*; Wang, C.-L.* Connecting Molecular and Supramolecular Shapeshifting by the Ostwald’s Nucleation Stages of a Star Giant Molecule. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2022144 (21), 9390–9398.

  5. Tzeng, T.-W.; Lin, C.-Y.; Pao, C.-W.; Chen, J.-L.; Nuguid, R. J. G.; Chung, P.-W.* Understanding Catalytic Hydrogenolysis of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) to 2,5-Dimethylfuran (DMF) Using Carbon Supported Ru Catalysts. Fuel Process. Technol. 2020199, 106225.

  6. Tzeng, T.-W.; Bhaumik, P.; Chung, P.-W.* Understanding the Production of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) from Chitosan Using Solid Acids. Mol. Catal. 2019479, 110627.

  7. Yu, T.-F.; Chang, C.-W.; Chung, P.-W.*; Lin, Y.-C.* Unsupported and Silica-Supported Perovskite-Type Lanthanum Manganite and Lanthanum Ferrite in the Conversion of Ethanol. Fuel Process. Technol. 2019194, 106117.

  8. Bhaumik, P.; Chou, H.-J.; Lee, L.-C.; Chung, P.-W.* Chemical Transformation for 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural Production from Saccharides Using Molten Salt System. ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng. 20186 (5), 5712–5717.

  9. Chen, R.-K.; Yu, T.-F.; Wu, M.-X.; Tzeng, T.-W.; Chung, P.-W.*; Lin, Y.-C.* The Aldolization Nature of Mn4+-Nonstoichiometric Oxygen Pair Sites of Perovskite-Type LaMnO3 in the Conversion of Ethanol. ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng. 20186 (9), 11949–11958.

  10. Chung, P.-W.; Yabushita, M.; To, A.-T.; Bae, Y.; Jankolovits, J.; Kobayashi, H.*; Fukuoka, A.*; Katz, A.* Long-Chain Glucan Adsorption and Depolymerization in Zeolite-Templated Carbon. ACS Catal. 20155, 6422-6425.

  11. Chung, P.-W.; Charmot; A.; Click; T.; Lin, Y.; Bae, Y.; Chu, J.-W.;* Katz, A.* Importance of Internal Porosity for Glucan Adsorption in Mesoporous Carbon Materials. Langmuir 201531, 7288-7295.

  12. To, A.-T.; Chung, P.-W.; Katz, A.* Weak-Acid Sites Catalyze Crystalline-Cellulose Hydrolysis to Glucose in Water: Importance of Carbon Post-Synthetic Surface Functionalization. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 201554, 11050-11053.

  13. Chung, P.-W.*; Charmot, A.; Olatunji-Ojo, O.-A.; Durkin, K.-A.; Katz, A.* Hydrolysis Catalysis of Miscanthus Xylan to Xylose Using Weak-Acid Surface Sites. ACS Catal. 20144, 302-310.

  14. Charmot, A.†; Chung, P.-W.; Katz, A.* Catalytic Hydrolysis of Cellulose to Glucose Using Weak-Acid Surface Sites on Postsynthetically Modified Carbon. ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 20142 (12), 2866-2872. (Equally contributed as first authors.)

  15. Chung, P.-W.*; Charmot, A.; Gazit, O.-M.; Katz, A.* Glucan Adsorption on Mesoporous Carbon Nanoparticles: Effect of Chain Length and Internal Surface. Langmuir 201228, 15222-15232.

  16. Huang, Y.*; Deng, W.; Guo, E.; Chung, P.-W.; Chen, S.; Trewyn, B.-G.; Brown, R.-C.; Lin, V. S.-Y. Ordered Mesoporous Polymer-Silica Hybrid Nanoparticles as Vehicles for Intracellular Controlled Release of Macromolecules. ChemCatChem20124(5), 674-680.

  17. Kim, T.-W.*; Slowing, I.; Chung, P.-W.; Lin, V. S.-Y. Ordered Mesoporous Polymer-Silica Hybrid Nanoparticles as Vehicles for Intracellular Controlled Release of Macromolecules. ACS Nano20115, 360-366.

  18. Kim, T.-W.*; Chung, P.-W.; Lin, V. S.-Y. Facile Synthesis of Monodisperse Spherical MCM-48 Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles with Controlled Particle Size. Chem. Mater. 201022, 5093-5104.

  19. Kim, T.-W.; Chung, P.-W.; Slowing, I.; Tsunoda, M.; Yeung, E.-S. and Lin, V. S.-Y.* Structurally Ordered Mesoporous Carbon Nanoparticles as Transmembrane Delivery Vehicle in Human Cancer Cells. Nano Letters 20088(11), 3724- 3727.

  20. Chung, P.-W.; Kumar, R.; Pruski, M.; Lin, V. S.-Y.* Temperature Responsive Solution Partition of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-coated Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles. Adv. Funct. Mater200818, 1390-1398.

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