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Department of Chemistry


Please comply with the regulations and guidelines to participate in laboratory safety training.

Not only does it ensure a safe working environment for all members in the Department of Chemistry, completing all necessary safety training is also required for graduate students to schedule their degree examination.

For Safety Training & Laboratory Establishment Application
Contact Person:Mr. Yi-Hsiang Chao (3366-4195,


Safety Guidance and Training


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Hazardous Substances & Waste Control


Occupational Safety & Inspection


Other Chemical Safety Materials


Relevant Regulations

For Safety Training & Laboratory Establishment Application
Contact Person:Mr. Yi-Hsiang Chao (3366-4195,


Who are required to participate in safety training?

  • Per occupational safety regulations, all members of Department of Chemistry (including teaching assistants, faculties, staff, students of Research Training course, 1st year graduate students, postdocs, full-time and part-time assistants, and external participants) must attend and finish safety trainings.


Safety training courses and hours

  • General EHS safety training
    • The training is held by Department of Chemistry and individual laboratory.
    • The total training hours held by the two units shall not be less than three hours.
  • Specialized EHS training
    • The training is held by NTU EHS Center (
    • All laboratory members in the Department of Chemistry are required to take specialized EHS training courses A and B
    • Additional courses C and D can be registered depending on the experimental content.
      • Course A: Laboratory Safety and Health Management
      • Course B: Hazard Communication
      • Course C: Radiation Protection
      • Course D: Biosafety


What safety trainings should new members take?

  • General EHS safety training (1 to 2 hours held by Department of Chemistry)
  • General EHS safety training (1 to 2 hours held by individual laboratory, at least 3 hours in combination with the Department EHS safety training)
  • Specialized EHS training (according to the nature of experiments, e.g. general chemical hazards, radiation protection, and biological safety) that issue training certificates

Students who have graduated with a bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD degree from National Taiwan University are still regarded as new members if they choose to continue their studies (including direct admissions into PhD program) or are employed as assistant/postdoc in the Department of Chemistry.


What safety trainings should in-service staff take?

  • All members should take occupational safety training (at least 1 hour/year). This can be either the general EHS safety training (held by the Department Or individual lab) or the specialized EHS training. The training hours can be recognized as long as it is related to the nature of your work.
  • In accordance with EHS regulations, all lab members must renew their specialized EHS training certificates every three years (e.g. students of 1st year, 4th year, 7th year doctoral program).


EHS safety training courses for international students and staff


What if I cannot attend the safety training held by the Department of Chemistry?

  • You can participate the safety training organized by each laboratory. The new member should complete at least 3 hours of general EHS safety training.


Do I have to take safety training even if my lab is not in the Dept. of Chemistry?

  • Yes. Students whose student status is in the Department of Chemistry should comply with the EHS safety training regulations.


Can I take EHS safety training right before the graduation?

  • In accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Act and relevant regulations, those who fail to meet the EHS training obligations may be fined TWD 3,000.
  • Members should take relevant occupational safety and health trainings before undertaking any work in laboratories.

Duties of Lab Safety Officer

  • Contact person for EHS related matter
  • Ensuring all lab members of complying with EHS regulations
  • Ensuring all lab members of completing required safety training
  • Regular inspection of the safety measures and facilities in laboratories
  • Assisting in managing the chemicals in the laboratories
  • Assisting the EHS Committee of Dept. of Chemistry in reviewing safety incidents and implementing improvements.

Contact persons for EHS-related matters