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Department of Chemistry

Undergraduate Honors Program


The Undergraduate Honors Program at NTU's Department of Chemistry encourages undergraduate students above sophomore year to concentrate on advanced and specialized coursework. With a focus on fostering innovative capabilities and research involvement, the degree aims to cultivate students' growth. Adhering to NTU's guidelines outlined in the Operating Procedure of Implementing Undergraduate Honors Programs, specific regulations have been formulated for this Undergraduate Honors Program (Mandarin link). Applications are open starting from the Fall 2024 semester.

How to Apply

Applicants interested in applying should carefully review the requirements. Eligible candidates may submit their application form along with official transcripts to the department office before 9/30 or 4/30 each year. Upon approval by the committee, successful applicants will be admitted to the program.

Program Requirement

All courses in this Undergraduate Honors Program are offered by the Department of Chemistry. Students must complete the following courses totaling at least 20 credits:

  1. Mandatory courses: Mathematics for Chemists, Research Training for Senior (I) and (II), and the Bachelor's Thesis Course (1 credit).
  2. Participation in the annual departmental research poster exhibition.
  3. Elective and graduate-level courses within the Department of Chemistry (the U, M, and D courses).

Degree Completion

Once complete the required courses and meet the specified grade threshold outlined in the regulations, students should fill out the self-evaluation form during the academic year of their graduation. The form should be submitted by the end of September for the Fall semester, or by the end of February for the Spring semester. Upon approval by the program committee and the NTU Office of Academic Affairs, the designation "Undergraduate Honors Program" will be added to the BSc degree certificate, official transcripts, and other related documents.