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Department of Chemistry


WU, Heng-Liang

WU, Heng-Liang
Associate Professor (joint appointment)
Room 1102, Center for Condensed Matter Sciences
Fax: +886-2-2365-5404
Research Interest

Our long term goal is to advance the energy storage and conversion science and technology through in situ experiments. Currently, Interfacial Materials Chemistry group works on several themes related to structure and reactivity at solid-liquid and solid-gas interfaces. Our research efforts are focused on the fundamental understanding of the structure-property and reactivity of materials at the interface of electroactive and photoactive materials for energy applications including next-generation battery devices and CO2 reduction. We utilize in situ vibrational spectroscopy (surface-enhanced infrared and Raman spectroscopy), X-ray spectroscopy and on-line differential electrochemical mass spectrometry to investigate the reaction processes. We aim at achieving fundamental understanding of these processes that can be used to improve the reactivity and stability of materials.

Career and Service Experiences

  • 2009-2013 Ph.D. Hokkaido University, Japan.

  • 2013-2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA.

  • 2016/12-2022/07 Assistant Research Fellow, Center for Condensed Matter Sciences, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.

  • 2022/08- present Associate Research Fellow, Center for Condensed Matter Sciences, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.

  • 2022/08- present Associate Research Scientist (joint appointment), National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Taiwan.

  • 2023/08- present  Associate Professor (joint appointment), Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.

Honors and Awards

  • Ta-You Wu Memorial Award, National Science and Technology Council, Taiwan, 2022.

  • Young Chemist Award, Chemical Society Located in Taipei (CLST), 2022.

  • Young Scholar Award, Catalysis Society of Taiwan, 2022

  • JACS Au Early Career Advisory Board, 2023

Research Content
Selected Publications

  1. K. B. Ibrahim*, T. A. Shifa, M. Bordin, E. Moretti, H.-L. Wu*, A. Vomiero*, "Confinement Accelerates Water Oxidation Catalysis: Evidence from in-situ studies.", Small Methods, 2023, 2300348.

  2. X. Mo, X. Gao, A. V. Gillado, H.-Y. Chen, Y. Chen, Z. Guo, H.-L. Wu*, E. C. M. Tse*, "Direct 3D Printing of Binder-Free Bimetallic Nanomaterials as Integrated Electrodes for Glycerol Oxidation with High Selectivity for Valuable C3 Products", ACS Nano, 2022, 16, 8, 12202–12213.

  3. Y.-C. Ko, C.-H. Hsu, C.-A. Lo, C.-M. Wu, H.-L. Yu, C.-H. Hsu, H.-P. Lin*, C.-Y. Mou*, H.-L. Wu*, "Interconnected microporous and mesoporous carbon derived from pitch for lithium-sulfur batteries", ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2022, 10, 14, 4462–4472.

  4. H.-L. Yu, K. B. Ibrahim, P.-W. Chi, Y.-H. Su, W.-T. Chen, S.-C. Tseng, M.-T. Tang, C.-L. Chen, H.-Y. Tang, C.-W. Pao, K.-H. Chen, M.-K. Wu*, H.-L. Wu*, "Modulating the voltage decay and cationic redox kinetics of Li-rich cathodes via controlling the local electronic structure.", Advanced Functional Materials, 2022, 32, 2112394.

  5. C.-A. Lo, C.-C. Chang, Y.-W. Tsai, S.-K. Jiang, B.-J. Hwang, C.-Y. Mou*, H.-L. Wu*, "Regulated Li Electrodeposition Behavior through Mesoporous Silica Thin Film in Anode-free Lithium Metal Batteries.", ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2021, 4, 5, 5132-5142.

  6. Z. Syum, T. Billo, A. Sabbah, B. V. Gopal, S.-Y. Yu, F.-Y. Fu, H.-L. Wu*, L.-C. Chen, K.-H. Chen*, " Copper Zinc Tin Sulfide Anode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries at Low Temperature", ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2021, 9, 27, 8970-8979.

  7. T.-C. Chou, C.-C. Chang, H.-L. Yu, W.-Y. Yu, C.-L. Dong, Juan-Jesús Velasco-Vélez, C.-H. Chuang, L.-C. Chen, J.-F. Lee, J.-M. Chen, H.-L. Wu*, "Controlling the Oxidation State of the Cu Electrode and Reaction Intermediates for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction to Ethylene", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2020, 142, 2857-2867.

  8. J. Yang, C.-Y. Wang, C.-C. Wang; K. H. Chen, C.-Y. Mou*, H.-L. Wu*, "Advanced Nanoporous Separators for Stable Lithium Metal Electrodeposition at Ultra-High Current Densities in Liquid Electrolyte", Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2020, 8, 5095-5104

Update: 2023-08-02