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Department of Chemistry


WANG, Chien-Lung

WANG, Chien-Lung
Room B478, Chemistry Building
Fax: +886-2-3366-8671
Research Interest

  • Self-assembly functional materials.

  • Multi-scale structure-property relationships. 

  • Synchrotron-radiation structural characterizations.

  • Water-induced self-assembly Shapeshifting supramolecular scaffolds

Career and Service Experiences

  • 2023/8-now: Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, NTU, Taiwan

  • 2020/11-2023/7: Associate Chair, Dept. of Applied Chemistry, NCTU/NYCU, Taiwan

  • 2019/8-2023/7: Professor, Dept. of Applied Chemistry, NCTU, Taiwan

  • 2015/8-2019/7: Associate Professor, Dept. of Applied Chemistry, NCTU, Taiwan

  • 2011/8-2015/7: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Applied Chemistry, NCTU, Taiwan

  • 2011/5-2011/8: Postdoctoral Researcher, Dept. of Polymer Engineering, University of Akron

Honors and Awards

  • 2018 Wu Ta-You Memorial Award, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan

  • 2018 Invited Lecture from Young Scientists, The Society of Polymer Science, Japan

  • 2016 Teaching Award, National Chiao Tung University

  • 2015 Research Award for Young Scientists at Science College, National Chiao Tung University

Research Content
Selected Publications

  1. Chen, Y.; Chang, H.-Y.; Lee, M.-T.; Yang, Z.-R.; Wang, C.-H.; Wu, K.-Y.,* Chuang, W.-T,* and Wang C.-L.*  “Dual-Axis Alignment of Bulk Artificial Water Channels by Directional Water-Induced Self-Assembly” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2022, 144, 7768–7777.

  2. Hsu, H.-Y; Ou, J.-T.; Cheng, T,-T, Lin, H.-Y.; Lin, C.-Y; Chen, J.; Sun, B.; Chung, P. -W.,* and Wang C.-L.* “Connecting Molecular and Supramolecular Shapeshifting by the Ostwald’s Nucleation Stages of a Star Giant Molecule” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2022, 144, 9390–9398.

  3. Chang, H.-Y.; Wu, K.-Y.; Chen, W.-C.; Weng, J.-T.; Chen, C.-Y.; Raj, A.; Hamaguchi, H.; Chuang, W.-T.; Wang, X.; Wang C.-L.* “Water-Induced Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Discotic Molecules for Adaptive Artificial Water Channels” ACS Nano 2021, 15, 14885–14890.

  4. Chien, H.-C.; Peng, W.-T.; Chiu, T.-H.; Wu, P.-H.; Liu, Y.-J.; Tu, C.-W.; Wang, C.-L.*; Lu, M.-C.* Heat Transfer of Semicrystalline Nylon Nanofibers. ACS Nano 2020, 14, 2939–2946.

  5. Azmi, R.; Ugur, E.; Seitkhan, A.; Aljamaan, F.; Subbiah, A. S.; Liu, J.; Harrison, G. T.; Nugraha, M. I.; Eswaran, M. K.; Babics, M.; Chen, Y.; Xu, F.; Allen, T. G.; Rehman, A.; Wang, C.-L.; Anthopoulos, T. D.; Schwingenschlögl, U.; Bastiani, M. D.; Aydin, E.; Wolf, S. D.* “Damp heat–stable perovskite solar cells with tailored-dimensionality 2D/3D heterojunctions” Science 2022, 376 (6588), 73-77.

  6. Ou, J.-T.; Yang, T.-K.; Lin, H.-Y.; Hsu, H.-Y.; Chen, T.-J.; Ou, Y.-S.; Chen, J.; Wang, C.-Y.; Sun, B.; Wang, C.-L.* “Composition-Driven Structural Modulation and Guest-Induced Nano-Template Effect of the Host-Guest Complexes Made by a Unimolecular Q-clip” Macromolecules 2021, 54, 8913–8920.

  7. Huang, Y. F.; Chang, S. T.; Wu, K. Y.; Wu, S. L.; Ciou, G. T.; Chen, C. Y.; Liu, C. L.; Wang, C. L.*, Influences of Conjugation Length on Organic Field-Effect Transistor Performances and Thin Film Structures of Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Oligomers. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2018, 10, 8869-8876.

  8. Liang, W. W.; Huang, C. F.; Wu, K. Y.; Wu, S. L.; Chang, S. T.; Cheng, Y. J.; Wang, C. L.*, Flat-on ambipolar triphenylamine/C-60 nano-stacks formed from the self-organization of a pyramid-sphere-shaped amphiphile. Chem. Sci. 2016, 7, 2768-2774.

  9. Wu, K. Y.; Wu, T. Y.; Chang, S. T.; Hsu, C. S.; Wang, C. L.*, A Facile PDMS-Assisted Crystallization for the Crystal-Engineering of C-60 Single-Crystal Organic Field-Effect Transistors. Adv. Mater. 2015, 27, 4371-4376.

Update: 2023-08-01