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Department of Chemistry


WANG, Tsung-Shing Andrew

WANG, Tsung-Shing Andrew
Associate Professor
Room B775, Chemistry Building
Fax: +886-2-2363-6359
Research Interest

  • Development of New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Agents, Drugs and Inhibitors

  • Development of New Multi-functional Biological Agents and Materials

  • Study and Applications of Natural Products and Secondary Metabolites

  • Proteomic and Imaging Tools to Study Microbiome and Intercellular Heterogeneity

Career and Service Experiences

  • B.S., 2001, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University.

  • M.S., 2006, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University.

  • Ph.D., 2011, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University.

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, 2011-2013, the Scripps Research Institute.

  • Assistant Professor, 2013-2018, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University.

  • Associate Professor, 2018-present, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University.

Honors and Awards

  • Excellent Teaching Award, 2020; National Taiwan University.

  • Excellent Teaching Award, 2017; National Taiwan University.

  • Excellent Teaching Award, 2016; National Taiwan University.

Research Content
Selected Publications

  1. Hung, H.-M.; Wang, T.-S. A.* "A Double Photocage Strategy to Construct Light-Controllable and Spatiotemporally Trackable Cathepsin B Activity-Based Probes." ACS Chem. Biol. 2022, 17, 1, 11-16. DOI: 10.1021/acschembio.1c00705

  2. Wang, T.-S. A.*; Chen, P.-L.; Chen, Y.-C. S.; Hung, H.-M.; Huang, J.-Y. "Selectively Targeting and Differentiating Vancomycin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus via Dual Synthetic Fluorescent Probes." ACS Infect. Dis. 20217, 2584-2590.

  3. Fan, C.-H.; Wei, K.-C.; Chiu, N.-H.; Liao, E.-C.; Wang, H.-C.; Wu, R.-Y., Ho, Y.-J.; Chan, H.-L.; Wang, T.-S. A.; Huang, Y.-Z.; Hsieh, T.-H.; Lin, C.-H.; Lin, Y.-C.; Yeh, C.-K. "Sonogenetic-Based Neuromodulation for the Amelioration of Parkinson’s Disease." Nano Letters, 202121, 5967-5976.

  4. Wang, T.-S. A.; Wu, R.-Y.; Hong, Y.; Wang, Z.-C.; Li, T.-L.; Shie, J.-J.; Hsu, C.-C. "Labeling and Characterization of Phenol‐Containing Glycopeptides Using Chemoselective Probes with Isotope Tags." ChemBioChem 2021, 22, 2415-2419.

  5. Chung, H.-H.; Kao, C.-Y.; Wang, T.-S. A.; Chu, J.; Pei, J.; Hsu, C. C. "Reaction Tracking and High-Throughput Screening of Active Compounds in Combinatorial Chemistry by Tandem Mass Spectrometry Molecular Networking." Anal. Chem. 202193, 2456-2463.

  6. Chen, P.-C.; Ho, S.-Y.; Chen, P.-L.; Hung, T.-C.; Liang, A.-J.; Kuo, T.-F.; Huang H.-C,; Wang, T.-S. A.* "Selective Targeting of Vibrios by Fluorescent Siderophore- Based Probes" ACS Chem. Biol. 2017, 12, 2720-

  7. Fan, C.-H.; Huang, Y.-S.; Huang, W.-E.; Lee, A. A.; Ho, S.-Y.; Kao, Y.-L.; Wang, C.-L.; Lian, YL.; Ueno T.; Wang, T.-S. A.; Yeh, C.-K.; Lin, Y.-C. "Manipulating Cellular Activities Using an Ultrasound-Chemical Hybrid Tool" ACS Synth. Biol. 2017, 6, 2021-2027.

  8. Ho, Y.-H.; Ho, S.-Y.; Hsu, C.-C.; Shie, J.-J.; Wang, T.-S. A.* "Utilizing an iron(III)-chelation masking strategy to prepare mono- and bis-functionalized aerobactin analogues for targeting pathogenic bacteria" Comm. 2017, 53, 9265-9268.

  9. Lee, A. A.; Chen, Y.-; Ekalestari, E.; Ho, S.-Y.; Hsu, N.-S.; Kuo, T.-F.; Wang, T.-S. A.* "Facile and Versatile Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Enterobactin Analogues and Applications in Bacterial Detection" Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2016, 55, 12338-12342.

  10. Tien, H.-W.; Ou Y.-M.; Hsu R.-Y.; Wang T.-S. A.; Her G.-R. "Letter: The formation of a M + 2 Compound in the Analysis of a Trimethylsilyl Derivative of Mono-carboxylic Acids by Gas Chromatography Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry" J. Mass Spectrom. 2016, 22, 145-150.

  11. Luo, X.; Wang, T.- A. (co-first author); Zhang, Y.; Wang, F.; Schultz, P. G.* "Stabilizing Protein Motifs with a Genetically Encoded Metal-Ion Chelator" Cell Chem. Biol. 2016, 23, 1098-1102.

  12. Zhang, Y.; Goswami, D.; Wang, D.; Wang, T.-S.; Sen, S.; Magliery, T. J.; Griffin, P. R.; Wang, F.; Schultz, P. G.* "An antibody with a variable-region coiled-coil "knob" domain" Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2014, 53, 132-135.

  13. Wang, T.-S.; Lupoli, T. J.; Sumida, Y.; Tsukamoto, H.; Wu, Y.; Rebets, Y.; Kahne, D.; Walker, S. "Primer Preactiviation of Peptidoglycan Polymerases" J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133, 8528-8530.

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Update: 2022-01-26