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Department of Chemistry


CHEN, Yit-Tsong

CHEN, Yit-Tsong
Professor Emeritus
Room B164, Chemistry Building
Research Interest

  • Catalytic synthesis and architectural design of morphology, structure, and composition of one- and two-dimensional nanomaterials on multiple functional devices for optoelectronic, energy conversion/storage, and biosensing applications. 

  • Applying nanoscale field-effect transistors as a biosensor to study protein-protein interaction, extracellular ionic fluctuation, cellular exo-endocytosis, and neuron-neuron interaction.

Career and Service Experiences

  • B.S., 1980, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University.

  • Ph.D., 1988, Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago.

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, 1989-1991, MIT.

  • Associate Professor, 1991-1997; Professor, 1997-2022; Chair, 2016-2019, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University.

  • Adjunct Research Fellow, 2001-2022, Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica.

  • Professor Emeritus, 2022-present, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University.

Honors and Awards

  • 2000 Outstanding Teaching Award, National Taiwan University

  • 2020 Yee Fong Lecturer Award

Research Content
Selected Publications

  1. Anand, A.; Chen, C.-Y.; Chen, T.-H.; Liu, Y.-C.; Sheu, S.-Y.; Chen, Y.-T.* "Detecting glycated hemoglobin in human blood samples using a transistor-based nanoelectronic aptasensor" Nano Today 202141, 101294.

  2. Yang, P.-K.; Chou, S.-A.; Hsu, C.-H.; Mathew, R. J.; Chiang, K.-H.; Yang, J.-Y.; Chen, Y.-T.* "Tin disulfide piezoelectric nanogenerators for biomechanical energy harvesting and intelligent human-robot interface applications" Nano Energy 202075, 104879.

  3. Anand, A.; Chi, C.-H.; Banerjee, S.; Chou, M.-Y.; Tseng, F.-G.; Pan, C.-Y.*; Chen, Y.-T.* "The extracellular Zn2+ concentration surrounding excited neurons is high enough to bind amyloid-β revealed by a nanowire transistor" Small 201814, 1704439.

  4. Nikam, R. D.; Sonawane, P. A.; Sankar, R.; Chen, Y.-T.* "Epitaxial growth of vertically stacked p-MoS2/n-MoS2 heterostructures by chemical vapor deposition for light emitting devices" Nano Energy 201732, 454–462.

  5. Chen, C.-C.*; Kuo, C.-J.; Liao, C.-D.; Chang, C.-F.; Tseng, C.-A.; Liu, C.-R.; Chen, Y.-T.* "Growth of large-area graphene single crystals in confined reaction space with diffusion-driven chemical vapor deposition" Chemistry of Materials 201527, 6249–6258.

  6. Tamalampudi, S. R.; Lu, Y.-Y.; Kumar, U. R.; Sankar, R.; Liao, C.-D.; Moorthy, B. K.; Cheng, C.-H.; Chou, F. C.; Chen, Y.-T.* "High performance and bendable few-layered InSe photodetectors with broad spectral response" Nano Letters 201414, 2800–2806.

  7. Li, B.-R.; Hsieh, Y.-J.; Chen, Y.-X.; Chung, Y.-T.; Pan, C.-Y.; Chen, Y.-T.* "An ultrasensitive nanowire-transistor biosensor for detecting dopamine release from living PC12 cells under hypoxic stimulation" Journal of the American Chemical Society 2013135, 16034–16037.

  8. Chen, K.-I.; Li, B.-R.; Chen, Y.-T.* "Silicon nanowire field-effect transistor-based biosensors for biomedical diagnosis and cellular recording investigation" Nano Today 20116, 131–154.

  9. Cheng, H.-C.; Shiue, R.-J.; Tsai, C.-C.; Wang, W.-H.*; Chen, Y.-T.* "High-quality graphene p-n junction via resist-free fabrication and solution-based non-covalent functionalization" ACS Nano 20115, 2051–2059.

  10. Lin, T.-W.; Hsieh, P.-J.; Lin, C.-L.; Fang, Y.-Y.; Yang, J.-X.; Tsai, C.-C.; Chiang, P.-L.; Pan, C.-Y.*; Chen, Y.-T.* "Label-free detection of protein-protein interactions using a calmodulin-modified nanowire transistor" Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U. S. A. 2010107, 1047–1052.

Update: 2024-04-09