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Department of Chemistry


CHENG, Hsiu-Wei(William)

CHENG, Hsiu-Wei(William)
Assistant Professor
Room A420, Chemistry Building
Fax: +886-2-3366-8671
Research Interest

  • Single Molecule Kinetics in Confinement

  • Ionic Liquids/Electrode Interface Kinetics

  • High Entropy Alloy Catalysis and Passivation

  • T-cell-Antigen Recognition Mechanism

Career and Service Experiences

  • 2001 - 2004, Taipei Municipal LiShan High School, TWN

  • 2004 - 2008, B. Sc., Chemistry, National Taiwan University, TWN.

  • 2008 - 2010, M. Sc., Analytic Chemistry, National Taiwan University, TWN.

  • 2013 - 2017, PhD, Chemistry, Ruhr University Bochum/Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH, DE.

  • 2013 - 2017, Graduate researcher, Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH, supervised by Prof. Dr. Martin Stratmann (Stipend of International Max-Planck Research School)

  • 2017 - 2017, Postdoctoral researcher, Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg with Prof. Dr. Markus Valtiner (Full contract)

  • 2017 - 2021, University Assistant/Group leader of Interface Electrochemistry at Applied Interfaces Physics group, Vienna University of Technology with Prof. Dr. Markus Valtiner (Full contract)

  • 2021 - now, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University.

Honors and Awards

  • 2011, Junior Teaching Assistant Award, NTU

  • 2013, Stipend of International Max-Planck Research School

Research Content
Selected Publications

  1. C. Merola, H.-W. Cheng, D. Dworschak, C.-S. Ku, C.-Y. Chiang, F.U. Renner and M. Valtiner “Nanometer Resolved Real Time Visualization of Acidification and Material Breakdown in Confinement.” 2019, Adv. Mat. Interfaces. 6(10), 1802069

  2. K. Schwenzfeier, A. Erbe, P. Billoto, M. Langauer, H.-W. Cheng, L. L. E. Mears and M. Valtiner, Optimizing multiple beam interferometry in the surface forces apparatus: Novel optics, reflection mode modeling, metal layer thicknesses, birefringence, and rotation of anisotropic layers, Rev. of Sci. Instruments, 2019, 90(4), 043908.

  3. B. Moeremans, H.-W. Cheng, C. Merola, M. Oezaslan, Q.-Y. Hu, M. Safari, A. Hardy, M. van Bael, M. Valtiner and F. U. Renner, In-Situ Mechanical Analysis of the Nanoscopic Solid Electrolyte Interphase on Anodes of Li Ion Batteries, Advanced Science, 2019, 6(16), 1900190.

  4. H. Weiss, H.-W. Cheng, J. Mars, H. Li, C. Merola, F. U. Renner, V. Honkimäki, Structure and Dynamics of Confined Liquids: Challenges and Perspectives for the X-ray Surface Forces Apparatus, Langmuir, 2019.

  5. V. Wieser, P. Billoto, U. Ramach, H. Yuan, K. Schwenzfeier, H.-W. Cheng, M. Valtiner, Novel in situ sensing surface forces apparatus for measuring gold versus gold, hydrophobic, and biophysical interactions, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, 2021, 39, 023201.

Update: 2023-02-17