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Department of Chemistry


DivisionCourseCourse No.RequiredSyllabus
AllService Learning (a) / Service Learning (b)203 001A0 / 203 001B0Y
AllLiterature on Chemistry (M.S.)223 M0090Y
    AllLiterature on Chemistry (Ph.D)223 D0090Y
      AllResearch Training (M.S.)223 M0020Y
        AllResearch Training (Ph.D)223 D0020Y
          AllTEACHING PRACTICE IN CHEMISTRY(MS) I / II223 M0230 / 223 M0330Y
          AllTEACHING PRACTICE IN CHEMISTRY Ⅰ(PH.D) I / II223 D0230 / 223 D0330Y
          Organic(Discussion in)Advanced Organic Chemistry I 223 M1230 (223 D1230)Y
          Organic(Discussion in)Advanced Organic Chemistry II223 M1240 (223 D1240)Y
          Analytical(Discussion in)Advanced Analytical Chemistry I223 M1130 (223 D1130)Y
          Analytical(Discussion in)Advanced Analytical Chemistry II223 M1140 (223 D1140)Y
          Inorganic(Discussion in)Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I223 M1410 (223 D1410)Y
          Inorganic(Discussion in)Advanced Inorganic Chemistry II223 M1420 (223 D1420)Y
          Physical(Discussion in)Advanced Physical Chemistry I223 M1310 (223 D1310)Y
          Physical(Discussion in)Advanced Physical Chemistry II223 M1320 (223 D1320)Y
          Physical(Discussion in)Advanced Physical Chemistry III223 M1340 (223 D1340)Y
          ChemBio(Discussion in)Advanced Chemical Biology I223 M1660 (223 D1660)Y
          ChemBio(Discussion in)Advanced Chemical Biology II223 M1620  (223 D1620)Y
          ChemBioExperimental Molecular BiophysicsB46D0220Y
          ChemBioAdvanced Technical Writing for Chemical Sciences223 M1710Y